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Versatile Animated Video Creations

Engage audiences and unleash the power of storytelling with our array of animated videos, from dynamic 2D motion graphics to captivating 3D models.

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Exploring the World of Animated Videos

From informative explainer videos to mental health support initiatives, GLUE’s versatility in 2D and 3D animation brings complex messages to life through engaging visuals. See our animated stories unfold.

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Discover how Glue transforms presentations into engaging motion narratives that capture attention and communicate effectively.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

SectorMultiple Sectors Including Corporate and Construction
ServiceMotion Graphics for Marketing Campaigns
ImpactEngaging visual content that simplifies and conveys complex messages


Exploring the World of Animated Videos

Glue’s collection of animated videos stands as a testament to our proficiency in blending 2D and 3D animation to communicate, educate, and promote. Our animated offerings range from enhancing corporate presentations with motion graphics to creating compelling explainer videos that resonate with audiences across multiple sectors.



To create a series of animated videos that not only engage and captivate audiences but also effectively communicate the desired message, whether for sales, promotion, branding, or educational purposes.



Delivering tailored animated content that captures the essence of each client’s message, transforming standard presentations into memorable and impactful visual experiences.


Solution Delivered

Through the art of animation, Glue has successfully produced a multitude of animated videos that vividly convey complex concepts and narratives, ensuring that each video is not only visually stimulating but also informative and aligned with the client’s objectives.


Benefit to Sector

Glue’s animated videos serve as a powerful tool across various sectors, enhancing marketing efforts, and simplifying complex information through captivating and intuitive visual storytelling.

From Presentations to Visual Narratives

Our work showcases motion graphics that transform the mundane into captivating visual narratives, ensuring the core message is not only heard but also remembered. Whether it’s a phone demo that entices viewers on a website or a national campaign supporting mental health, our animations are crafted to capture imaginations and convey messages with clarity and creativity.


Bringing Stories to the Forefront

With our animated videos, we turn brand guidelines and promotionals into eye-catching experiences, as demonstrated in our work for IOGP, Mars, and various other clients who have chosen GLUE to narrate their brand story.

Animated Video Production

Our commitment to quality and engagement makes Glue the ideal partner for your next animated video project. From the initial storyboard to the final frame, we ensure your message is not just seen but also felt and understood.

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“62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.”