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How important is music in your video: custom music for my video

“Clients ask can we create custom music for my video?" How Important is music in your Video? In this weeks blog we discuss how GLUE can create custom music for your video.


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Clients ask “can we create custom music for my video?”

How Important is music in your Video?

In this weeks blog we discuss how GLUE can create custom music for your video.
While narration is important, music in conjunction with visuals adds some extra information about your company’s service or product. Music helps to convey the emotion you want your viewers to feel. Pretty much any emotion can be expressed through music.

Music combined with visual effect enables the audience to emotionally connect with what is shown on screen. Music can convey any emotion; excitement, love, anger, fear etc. It can establish the setting, time of day or atmosphere. While it is doing this, the video’s message is more easily absorbed by the audience; therefore the power of music should not be underestimated. But why is music so powerful?

Let me explain…

Have you ever watched your favourite film without the music or sound? Try it! – you will not feel the same emotions the producer and composer want you to feel. Think of your favorite cartoon, Walt Disney movie, your favorite action movie or thriller – the list goes on… and I haven’t even mentioned games. It’s big business and the best production companies invest heavily in music.

Historically, music has been a part of every culture since the dawn of man. Imagine the wonder at the sound of two bones banging together or hitting a hollow log with a stick.
But it goes much deeper than that; everyone has spent time in the womb and it is said that we all connect with rhythmic sounds because we are reminded of the soothing sound of our own mother’s heartbeat. It is also a proven fact that faster rhythms increase our heart-rate, while slower beats promote relaxation slowing down our heart-rate.



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But what is music?

Plainly speaking, music is rhythm and melody combined by a composer who has the creativity and knowledge to produce a composition or piece of music. The art of creating music takes years of study and often from a very young age the composer was an instrumentalist.

The composer’s main goal is to convey amongst other things – the underlying emotional content of the piece and draw in the audience. Using all his available musical skills and resources such as musical technologies, realistic instrument libraries…etc, a modern-day composer can create music of any style without the cost of hiring a full orchestra/band or having to pay expensive rates for studio/recording time; therefore original music specially composed for your project may be much more accessible and affordable than you first thought.

Do you want your video to stand out from the rest? Imagine the company embarrassment of realising that the same sample you bought from an online library was used by your competitor for another commercial or branding campaign?
Many brands are jumping on the music band wagon because it can enhance their product.
It can be very costly to get the license to use your favourite song or music on your video, but using specially composed music is an option. The composition composed for you can remind you of your favourite song, in melody, tempo or choice of instruments.

It’s not unusual for a composer to be asked to write music in the style of Hans Zimmer, John Williams or The Beatles, after all it’s just melody and rhythm and some inspiration!!
Any composer worth their salt can easily replicate the desired effect, sound or emotion you wish to convey, creating a custom piece to suit your needs.

These are exactly the kind of services we provide; the ability to create your company’s theme the way you want it, in sync with a custom video specially tailored to promote your brand or product.

With computer software it has made our life easier to create everything from full blown orchestration to pop and rock song. It has made it more accessible for the bedroom musician to write music but only the trained composer has the tools/knowledge to create your masterpiece.

We use the critcally-acclaimed EastWest Sounds libraries, in particular the Complete Composers Collection which contains full symphonic orchestra/choirs, pianos gold edition, Goliath, Ra (world and ethnic instruments), Stormdrum 2. A lot of famous composers including Danny Elfman, John Powell, Bryan Tyler, Thomas Newman and J.J. Abrams use their libraries.

“Where words fail, music speaks”. – Hans Christian Andersen
“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”.
Ludwig van Beethoven


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