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LEGO Eurovision – How engaging video trends online

Hi folks,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at GLUE. We’ve moved into a new office (more on that soon!), got some amazingly skilled people on board and are hard at work on some new and exciting projects. It’s all non-stop at the moment. That said, now that the dust has settled a little bit, we’d like to take a couple of minutes to sit down and share with you some of the feedback and monitor how the video trends online we received for our latest project which we made for a PR company based in the UK on behalf of LEGO. That project is of course, the LEGO Eurovision video celebrating 60 years of the competition.

In case you haven’t already seen it, we’d recommend you to check it out.


LEGO Lordi Breakdown - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
Here’s how LEGO Lordi was made

Our main goal when creating the video was to emulate the look and feel of real life LEGO as much as possible. We wanted users to believe they were watching a stop-motion animation. Our task was to recreate some iconic Eurovision acts in LEGO form. The acts requested by our clients were Abba, Brotherhood of Man, Buck’s Fizz, Lordi and Riverdance. This involved extensive research into each act so that we could nail their look in LEGO form. Using the latest practises in modelling, texturing, lighting and effects, we set out on creating the best looking LEGO character models this side of the LEGO  Movie. We’re delighted with the results.

LEGO Eurovision ABBA - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
LEGO ABBA take the stage
LEGO Eurovision Brotherhood of Man - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
LEGO Brotherhood of Man posing for the camera
LEGO Eurovision Lordi - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
LEGO Lordi are ready to rock
LEGO Eurovision Buck's Fizz - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
LEGO Buck’s Fizz practising on stage
LEGO Eurovision Riverdance - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
You can almost hear tap-tap of LEGO Riverdance


If you want a more technical breakdown of how we made this video, check out our blog post on the process.


Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how the video was received. It’s already been viewed over 28,000 times on Lego’s Youtube channel and has been liked and shared all over social media. Here’s some of the websites and people who loved the video we helped to create:

Metro UK  – However much fun the Eurovision Song Contest may be, LEGO might have just made it a little more awesome

Silicon RepublicLego Eurovision tribute includes Riverdance and is perfection

Herald ScotlandThe hilarious clip even has that skirt throwing move perfected by Buck Fizz down to a tee

Demanjo – the Danish toymaker has only gone and created the most wonderful 60th Anniversary Eurovision tribute known to (The Brotherhood of) man

LEGO Take That

We received so much positive feedback from our Eurovision video that we were asked to make a LEGO version of Take That in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Manchester Arena.

LEGO Eurovision Take That - GLUE Visual Effects Dublin
Gary, Howard, and Mark immortalised in LEGO. Lookin’ good, lads.

Looking forward

We’re delighted to see that people are enjoying viewing the video as much as we did making it. We look forward to working on more fun and exciting products in the future. Over the next few days, be sure to come back to the blog for a look at our new offices. We’ll also be at the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards 2015 this weekend. If you see any of us around there, feel free to say hi.

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