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Smoke and Liquid Simulations in Visual Effects

GLUE opens the door to a world where the elements are at our command, morphing liquids and smoke into cinematic works of art.

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Mastering Elements: Showcasing Smoke and Liquid Simulations in VFX

Dive into GLUE’s world of visual effects where smoke, fire, and liquid simulations come to life for diverse projects. From cinematic VFX to corporate demonstrations, see how our particle systems and simulations create reality-bending visuals.

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Our VFX team’s prowess in particle system animation and visual effects turns impossible scenarios into believable on-screen phenomena, captivating audiences through the art of illusion.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

SectorEntertainment, Automotive, Oil & Natural Gas
ServiceVisual Effects and Particle System Animation
ShowcaseRealistic smoke and liquid simulations for diverse video projects


Technical Processes Used

3D Animation
Liquid Simulations
Smoke Simulations
Particle Systems

The Spectrum of Simulations

From the whimsical to the industrial, our selection of sequences demonstrates an array of challenges, each met with innovative solutions that push the boundaries of 3D animation and liquid simulations.

Whether it’s for a mobile phone film festival ident with devices morphing into a Godzilla-like creature in the River Liffey or rendering the harsh conditions of an oil field in Oman, our simulations are a testament to our technical skill and creative vision.



To create visually stunning and technically intricate simulations of smoke, fire, and liquids for various clients, ranging from film festival idents to detailed 3D visualisations of industrial processes.



Generating hyper-realistic liquid flows and dynamic smoke simulations that not only look authentic but behave logically within the context of each unique video project, all while meeting stringent client timelines.


Solution Delivered

Through a combination of cutting-edge software like 3DS Max and Phoenix FD, Glue has successfully delivered a plethora of simulation projects that have garnered client praise for their striking realism and timely delivery.


Benefit to Sector

Our meticulous attention to detail in smoke and liquid simulations provides filmmakers, advertisers, and corporates with the power to depict complex scenes that captivate audiences and support narrative goals.

Meeting Challenges with Mastery

Our venture into the microscopic world for Diamondbrite highlights the demand for precision in liquid simulations, where the gravity of authenticity can’t be overstated. From the turbulent ocean scenes for OTTCO to the delicate dance of chocolate in a factory setting, our simulations harmonize with each project’s core message.


From VFX to Reality

Glue’s commitment to delivering captivating simulations goes beyond the screen; it’s about crafting stories that resonate and inform. With technological advancements and a creative touch, we make the intangible tangible, delivering VFX that both entertain and educate.

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