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Waterfalls to rain drops – liquids in Visual Effects

When we think of CG liquids in an advertisement we often get images for bottled water but CG liquids are used in a wide variety of television and film. We look into the wide range of uses of liquid simulations in video production.

When we think of CG (computer generated) liquids in an advertisement scene we often get images for bottled water but CG liquids are used in a wide variety of television and film.

Computer generated liquid is essential for some ocean or sea scenes. A real life film crew would face an endless list of complications and costs in trying to film from certain angles, keep equipment dry, spend hours on extra travel and set up and that would be for a calm ocean scenes. Trying to shoot a film in a wild storm would be nearly impossible unless a fake set with real water and huge mechanical components were built to simulate real life perilous conditions.

The ability to create any range of wild storm or fantasy city on the water is far easier to achieve than ever before. Meaning these types of scenes are no longer limited to big budget films, they can be used for an advertisement or online video.

Below is a very early test where we placed wild storm in an office hallway.


Sea_in_hallwayIndoor Tidal Wave


Artificial liquids allows us to have far more control, not just on the type of water but what the liquid actually is.

We can use it for an educational or an explainer video to help show a process we can’t normally see.
By changing the colour and the consistency of the liquid we can create a delicious caramel liquid pouring over a biscuit or a whole tub full of chocolate.


Liquid_chocChocolate Factory


With a few tweaks we can change the liquid above to a completely different scene. Controlling the viscosity, transparency, colour and consistency we can change a chocolate factory into a wine factory.

Wine Sample

The liquid in the video moves in a far more fluid and lighter manner than the chocolate/caramel which would be a slower moving and heavier substance.

Having control over these settings enables us to create whatever situation we require. These effects are only limited by our imagination and can be used to evoke feelings, whether it’s the bubbles of pouring beer making the viewer feel thirsty or a sense of mystery created by something rising out of a dark, heavy liquid.


Glue_logo_in_WaterGLUE logo rising out of water


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