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Camfil 3D Animation Demonstration

Camfil, a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, commissioned us to create a fully 3D animation of their CleanSeal Exhaust product. 

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Table of Contents

Advanced Air Filtration: Camfil’s CleanSeal Exhaust 3D Animation

Dive into the world of advanced air filtration with Camfil’s CleanSeal Exhaust through our meticulously crafted 3D animation. Glue’s project showcases the product’s innovative features, ensuring optimal performance in controlled environments.

3D Animation, 2D Motion Graphics, Voice Over, Adobe After Effects, Boiling Line Animation

Technical & Processes Used

  • 3D Animation: Utilising high-resolution CAD models and accurate rendering techniques.
  • CAD Model Preparation: Cleaning, separating, and rigging models for animation.
  • VRAY Lighting: Ensuring realistic lighting for each material element in the 3D software.
  • Particle System: Demonstrating airflow and particle capture with smoke-like and larger particles.
  • Motion Graphics: Using arrows and other elements to indicate air flow and functionality.
  • Compositing: Combining rendered layers in Adobe After Effects for the final video.

3D Animation Project Details

SectorIndustrial, Medical
ServiceProduct Visualisation and 3D Animation
SolutionHigh-quality 3D animation showcasing the product’s features using advanced rendering and motion graphics

Main Elements

3D Animation
CAD Model Preparation
VRAY Lighting
Particle Systems

Overall Aim

Our aim was to create a 3D animated video demonstrating the benefits and functionality of Camfil’s CleanSeal Exhaust by accurately rendering high-resolution CAD models and integrating particle systems to demonstrate airflow.



Camfil aimed to produce an educational and visually compelling 3D animated video that demonstrated the benefits and functionality of the CleanSeal Exhaust. The video needed to accurately showcase how the product works in real-world environments of medical labs and cleanrooms.



One of the significant challenges was accurately rendering high-resolution CAD models and ensuring realistic lighting and materials. Additionally, integrating particle systems and motion graphics seamlessly with the 3D animation required advanced compositing techniques.


Solution Delivered

Our team at utilized advanced 3D animation techniques and motion graphics to create a visually compelling video. By integrating CAD models, VRAY lighting, and particle systems, we showcased the CleanSeal Exhaust’s innovative features effectively.


How We Helped

Glue provided a comprehensive solution that met Camfil’s objectives. Through meticulous animation and professional voice-over narration, we delivered a high-quality 3D animated video that was well-received by the client and their audience.


Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to create an impactful 3D product visualization for your company, contact us today. We specialize in delivering high-quality animations that effectively communicate your product’s features and engage your target audience.

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