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Alltech’s Animated Training Video

Discover how Alltech streamlines crisis management training with an innovative animated video that blends 3D character models and 2D motion graphics. Glue’s project ensures team members understand the critical ACT NOW procedures through engaging visuals and clear narration.

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Table of Contents

Training Made Simple: Alltech’s ACT NOW Animated Video

Alltech, a leading company in livestock, crop farming, and the food industry, commissioned us to create an animated video to educate team members on their ACT NOW procedures. The project aimed to provide clear and accessible crisis management training.

3D Animation, 2D Motion Graphics, Voice Over, Adobe After Effects, Boiling Line Animation

Technical & Processes Used

  • 3D Animation: Hand-animating 3D models such as characters and forklifts.
  • 2D Motion Graphics: Integrating text and graphics for a dynamic visual experience.
  • Voice Over: Hiring a professional voice-over actor to narrate the procedures.
  • Adobe After Effects: Compositing and overlaying additional effects.
  • Boiling Line Animation: Creating a stop-motion or flip-book style hand-drawn animation effect.
  • Vector Graphics: Transforming PDF leaflet designs into animated 3D card models.

Innovative 3D & 2D Combination

SectorAgricultural, Food & Beverages
ServiceAnimated Training and Educational Videos
SolutionHigh-quality animated video utilising bold colors, boiling line effects, and voice-over narration

Main Elements

2D Animation
Motion Graphics
Boiling Line Animation

Overall Achievement

By combining 3D and 2D animation styles with seamless motion graphics to convey complex information, Glue was able to create an engaging animated video to explain Alltech’s ACT NOW procedures.



Alltech aimed to produce an educational and engaging video that explained their ACT NOW procedures clearly. The video needed to be visually appealing, blending 3D and 2D animations to ensure the information was both accessible and memorable.



The main challenge was to combine 3D animation with 2D motion graphics in a way that felt seamless and engaging. Additionally, ensuring that the animation style effectively conveyed the seriousness of crisis management was crucial.


Solution Delivered

Our team at utilized advanced 3D animation techniques and motion graphics to create an engaging training video. By integrating bold colors and boiling line effects, we ensured that the animation was both visually appealing and effective in conveying the ACT NOW procedures.


How We Helped

Glue provided a comprehensive solution that met Alltech’s objectives. Through meticulous animation and professional voice-over narration, we delivered a high-quality training video that was well-received by the client and their team members.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to create an effective animated training video for your company, contact us today. We specialize in delivering high-quality animations that effectively communicate your message and engage your audience.

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