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Eir's Corporate Video Production

In the realm of corporate video production, GLUE takes a front-row seat with Eir’s fiber optic rollout video, merging the complex world of telecommunications with cutting-edge visual effects.

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Corporate Video Production Insights

Pre-production, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, 3D Camera Tracking, 3D Modelling, Compositing


corporate communications, visual effects, fiber optics


Our mission was to produce a potent B2B communication tool that not only showcased the advancements in fiber optic technology but also underlined its effect on Irish communities and businesses.

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Key Takeaways

ServiceCorporate Video Production Insights
HighlightDemonstrating fiber optic impact through compelling visual effects


Corporate Video Production

Through a synergy of storyboarding, location scouting, and our mastery in 3D compositing and motion graphics, we translated Eir’s vision into a holographic marvel that traverses the lush landscapes of Ireland, connecting every node with the promise of speed and reliability.

The Challenge of Connectivity

Creating an informative and engaging corporate video for advertising Irelands next-gen connectivity involved a nuanced blend of real-world footage and sophisticated visual effects. The challenge lay in making these elements work in harmony to depict a network that connects, empowers, and transforms communities.


Technology and Community

Our solution was a series of animated icons and 3D models, each representing different aspects of society benefitted by Eir’s fiber optic rollout. The result was a visual symphony that spoke volumes about the transformative power of connectivity, earning us accolades from our client and their audience alike.



To produce a promotional video for Eircom’s fiber optic rollout in Ireland, incorporating high-quality visual effects to demonstrate the transformative power of high-speed internet connectivity across various sectors of the community and business.

3d holographic, video production, compositing


Capturing the essence of high-speed connectivity and its societal impact through a promotional video, while also ensuring that the visual effects blend seamlessly to create an engaging, holographic representation of the fiber optic network.


Solution Delivered

By reflecting the ethos of GLUE in our flexibility and adaptability, we delivered a corporate video for Eir that not only showcased the fiber optic technology through vivid 3D animations and compositing but also resonated with the targeted B2B audience, effectively illustrating the network’s far-reaching benefits.


Benefit to Sector

Glue’s video production and visual effects expertise provide a tangible visual narrative for telecommunications advancements, making the abstract concept of high-speed internet connectivity a compelling story for corporate stakeholders.

Envisioning the Future with Glue

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, your story deserves the clarity and dynamism that only GLUE’s video production and visual effects can provide. If you’re looking to craft a narrative that aligns with your brand’s technological edge, we are your beacon in the digital domain.

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