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Live Your Dream 3D Render

Live Your Dream, a client in the entertainment sector, commissioned us to design and create a detailed 3D render of their stage setup.

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Table of Contents

Bringing Dreams to Life: Live Your Dream Stage Setup Animation

Step into the dazzling world of “Live Your Dream” with Glue’s meticulously designed 3D render. Our project brings the stage and seating area to life, highlighting intricate rigging, lighting, and animation.

3D Modelling, Textures and Materials, Lighting Setup, Camera Movements, VRAY Rendering, Adobe After Effects Compositing

Technical & Processes Used

  • 3D Modelling: Creating detailed models of the stage, seating area, lighting rigs, and other elements.
  • Textures and Materials: Applying realistic textures, including gold colors and diamond-textured flooring.
  • Lighting Setup: Designing intricate lighting rigs that animate to the sound of music.
  • Camera Movements: Mimicking TV show talent contests with dynamic camera angles.
  • VRAY Rendering: Ensuring high-quality rendering for realistic visuals.
  • Adobe After Effects: Compositing rendered sequences and adding final touches.

Innovative Design & 3D Render

ServiceDesign, 3D Render and Animation
SolutionHigh-quality 3D render with detailed texturing and lighting, showcasing the stage setup and environment effectively

Main Elements

3D Modelling
Lighting Setup
3D Render

Main Objective

Achieving intricate detail in design,  materials, lighting, and animation to mimic a live talent 3D render of a detailed stage setup for the Live Your Dream contest environment.



Live Your Dream aimed to produce a 30-second 3D animation that showcased their stage setup in an engaging and visually impressive manner. The animation needed to highlight key elements such as the “Live Your Dream” logo, seating arrangements, and lighting effects.



The primary challenge was achieving intricate detail in the material and lighting setups. Ensuring that the materials and lighting were accurately rendered required meticulous attention to detail and advanced animation techniques.


Solution Delivered

Our team at Glue utilised advanced 3D animation techniques and VRAY rendering to create a high-quality 3D render. By integrating detailed texturing, dynamic lighting, and smooth camera movements, we effectively showcased the impressive stage setup.


How We Helped

We provided a comprehensive solution that met Live Your Dream’s objectives. Through meticulous animation and professional rendering, we delivered a visually stunning 3D render that was well-received by the client and their audience.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to create an impactful 3D render for your company, contact us today. We specialise in delivering high-quality animations that effectively communicate your product’s features and engage your target audience.

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