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LEGO Shakespeare 3D Animation

To mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, LEGO commissioned a fully 3D animated video mimicking a stop motion effect. 

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Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare with LEGO: A 3D Animated Tribute

Join us in commemorating 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare with a delightful 3D animation project.’s latest venture celebrates the Bard’s legacy by bringing iconic scenes from his most beloved plays to life with LEGO characters.


Creating a stop motion effect using 3D animation for classic Shakespearean scenes

3D Animation, Concept Artwork, UVW Unwrapping, 3D Camera Tracking, Lip-Syncing, Rendering

Table of Contents

3D Product Visualisation and Animation

ServiceFully 3D animated video mimicking stop motion
SolutionHigh-fidelity 3D animation with detailed texturing, lighting, and effective character animations

Technical Processes Used

3D Modelling
3D Animation

Project Details

This unique project brought LEGO characters to life, portraying famous scenes from Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream on LEGO stages.

  • 3D Animation: Creating lifelike LEGO characters and sets.
  • Concept Artwork: Detailed designs based on extensive research of Shakespearean plays.
  • UVW Unwrapping: Flattening 3D models to digitally paint textures.
  • 3D Camera Tracking: Ensuring smooth integration of animated elements.
  • Lip-Syncing: Matching mouth shapes to audio for the LEGO characters.
  • Rendering: Finalizing the image with realistic lighting and materials.


The goal was to honor Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary by creating a whimsical, fully 3D animated video that captured the essence of classic Shakespearean scenes. The animation needed to be visually engaging and true to the iconic LEGO style.



One of the main challenges was creating a realistic stop motion effect using 3D animation. Additionally, ensuring that the characters and sets looked like actual LEGO toys required meticulous attention to detail in texturing and lighting.


Solution Delivered

Our team utilized 3D animation techniques to create a visually compelling video. We developed detailed concept artwork, created UVW unwrapped textures, and used advanced rendering techniques to achieve a realistic LEGO stop motion effect.


How We Helped delivered a high-quality animation that brought LEGO characters to life in a fun and engaging way. The final video was well-received, generating over 245,000 views on LEGO’s YouTube channel.

Seamless 3D Construction Integration

The storytelling highlights how integrated design elements and lifting sockets ensure that 3D construction projects can benefit from the chamber’s quick and trouble-free installation.


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