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Liberty Insurance Virtual Branch 2D Animation

Glue created a 2D animation for Liberty Insurance, part of the global Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. This project aimed to promote their Virtual Branch service, designed to support brokers with personalised assistance and innovative solutions.

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Table of Contents

Enhancing Broker Support: Liberty Insurance Virtual Branch

Explore Liberty Insurance’s innovative Virtual Branch through our engaging motion graphics project. Glue’s 2D animation highlights the service’s key benefits, aiming to improve broker experience and support business growth across Ireland.

2D Motion Graphics, Character Animation, 3D Globe Animation, Split Screen Animation, Voice Over, Adobe After Effects

Technical & Processes Used

  • 2D Motion Graphics: Crafting colorful and engaging animations to explain the Virtual Branch.
  • Character Animation: Illustrating customer interactions with customer service representatives.
  • 3D Globe Animation: Showing global office locations.
  • Split Screen Animation: Demonstrating customer service scenarios and broker interactions.
  • Voice Over: Recording a professional narration to guide viewers through the features and benefits.
  • Adobe After Effects: Integrating all elements for a cohesive and effective video.

Liberty Insurance 2D Animation

Service2D Animation for Marketing Campaigns
SolutionHigh-quality 2D animation with colorful characters, dynamic motion graphics, and engaging narration to promote the service

Main Elements

2D Animation
Motion Graphics
Character Animation
Split Screen Animation

Overall Aim

Create a vibrant 2D animation video promoting Liberty Insurance’s Virtual Branch for broker support.



Liberty Insurance aimed to produce an educational and visually engaging 2d animation video that explained their Virtual Branch service. The video needed to highlight key features, such as the broker support team, real-time assistance, and the service’s benefits, in a playful yet informative manner.



The primary challenge was to convey the benefits of the Virtual Branch through lively animations without overwhelming viewers with information. Ensuring that the animations were colorful and approachable while effectively conveying complex information required precise animation and thoughtful design.


Solution Delivered

Glue utilised advanced 2D animation techniques to create a visually compelling video. By integrating dynamic character animations, 3D globe animations, and engaging narration, we effectively communicated the benefits and features of Liberty Insurance’s Virtual Branch.


How We Helped

Glue provided a comprehensive solution that met Liberty Insurance’s objectives. Through meticulous 2D animation and professional voice-over narration, we delivered a high-quality motion graphics video that was well-received by the client and their audience.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to create an impactful 2D animation for your company, contact us today. We specialise in delivering high-quality 2D animations that effectively communicate your message and engage your audience.

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