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Jospa 3D Product Animation

Our 3D product animation for Jospa showcases the tug’s unique design and functionality, emphasising its environmental impact and efficiency.

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Table of Contents

Cleaning the Oceans: Jospa's Wave-Powered Tug Animation

Explore how Jospa is revolutionising maritime transport with its innovative wave-powered tug through our engaging 3D animation. Glue’s project showcases the tug’s unique design and functionality, emphasising its environmental impact and efficiency.

3D Modelling, Fluid Dynamics, V-Ray Rendering, Motion Graphics, Animation, Adobe After Effects Compositing

Technical & Processes Used

  • 3D Modelling: Creating detailed 3D models of the tug based on blueprints and mockups.
  • Fluid Dynamics: Simulating realistic ocean waves and interactions with the tug’s paddles.
  • V-Ray Rendering: Achieving realistic lighting and materials for different times of day.
  • Motion Graphics: Incorporating animations for statistics, graphs, and additional information.
  • Adobe After Effects: Compositing rendered sequences and adding final touches for a polished video.

Jospa's 3D Product Animation

SectorEnvironmental, Maritime
Service3D Product Animation
SolutionHigh-quality 3D product animation with dynamic wave interactions and realistic materials to showcase the innovative tug

Main Elements

3D Modelling
Fluid Dynamics
V-Ray Rendering
Dynamic 3D Rigging

Key Objective

Create a detailed 3D product animation demonstrating Jospa’s wave-powered tug, focusing on realistic product animations and ocean simulations.



Jospa aimed to produce a visually compelling 3D product animation that showcased their wave-powered tug’s design and functionality. The video needed to highlight the environmental benefits and potential applications of the tug, providing a clear understanding of its innovative features.



The primary challenge was accurately simulating fluid dynamics and creating realistic 3D animations for a non-existent prototype. Ensuring that the sea waves, lighting, and materials were realistic required meticulous attention to detail and advanced animation techniques.


Solution Delivered

We utilised advanced 3D rigging techniques and fluid dynamics simulations to create a visually compelling video. By integrating realistic wave interactions and dynamic animations, we effectively showcased the innovative features of Jospa’s wave-powered tug.


How We Helped

Glue provided a comprehensive solution that met Jospa’s objectives. Through meticulous animation and professional rendering, we delivered a high-quality 3D product animation that was well-received by the client and their audience.

Why Choose Us?

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