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Film Network Ireland 2D Explainer Video

Film Network Ireland (FNI), Ireland’s Largest Independent Film Networking Platform, commissioned us to create a colorful and dynamic 2D explainer video.

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Table of Contents

Empowering Filmmakers: Film Network Ireland’s 2D Explainer Video

Join Film Network Ireland (FNI) in empowering filmmakers through our engaging 2D explainer video. Glue’s project highlights the vibrant community and extensive services FNI provides, encouraging viewers to support through a subscription.

2D Motion Graphics, Character Animation, Iconography, Social Media Animations, Adobe After Effects

Technical & Processes Used

  • 2D Motion Graphics: Crafting vibrant animations to explain FNI’s services and community benefits.
  • Character Animation: Illustrating community interactions and mentorship scenarios.
  • Iconography: Using icons and images to represent podcast episodes and social media engagement.
  • Social Media Animations: Demonstrating FNI’s active online presence.
  • Adobe After Effects: Integrating all elements for a cohesive and visually appealing video.

2D Explainer Video for FNI

SectorFilm, Entertainment, Community
ServiceExplainer Videos Creation
SolutionHigh-quality 2D explainer video animation with friendly characters, dynamic icons, and engaging narration to encourage subscriptions

Main Elements

2D Animation
Character Animation
Social Media Animations

Overall Aim

Create a vibrant 2D explainer video promoting FNI’s community services and subscription-based support.



FNI aimed to produce an engaging and informative explainer video that encouraged their community members to subscribe to their support service. The video needed to highlight key features such as mentorship, podcast episodes, and networking events in a friendly and approachable manner.



The primary challenge was to convey the extensive range of services and benefits provided by FNI in a concise yet engaging manner. Ensuring that the animations were vibrant and approachable while effectively conveying complex information required precise animation and thoughtful design.


Solution Delivered

Our team at Glue created a visually compelling and friendly explainer video. By integrating dynamic character animations, engaging icons, and clear narration, we effectively communicated the benefits and features of FNI’s community services.


How We Helped

We provided a comprehensive solution that met FNI’s objectives. Through meticulous animation and professional voice-over narration, we delivered a high-quality explainer video that was well-received by the client and their audience.

Why Choose Us?

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