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Astra Zeneca Spirometer 3D Animation

Our project showcases a fully rendered 3D version of Astra Zeneca’s spirometer, demonstrating its functionality through an engaging animated video.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Astra Zeneca’s 3D Animated Spirometer

Join The Smart Group and Astra Zeneca as we redefine healthcare solutions with advanced technology. Our project showcases a fully rendered 3D version of Astra Zeneca’s spirometer, demonstrating its functionality through an engaging animated video.

3D Modelling, Animation, Texturing, Hand Animated, Video Production

Technical & Processes Used

  • 3D Modelling: Created in 3DS Max to ensure precise measurements and realistic textures.
  • Animation: Hand animation of a human character demonstrating the use of the spirometer.
  • Texturing: Mimicking the real-world physical materials of the device.
  • Video Production: Ensuring a cohesive and engaging demonstration video.

Table of Contents

Project Details

Astra Zeneca has been transforming the future of healthcare by leveraging scientific advancements since 1913. For this project, was tasked with creating a realistic 3D animation of their spirometer product. The company provided us with a physical device, which we examined in detail to accurately replicate its structure and materials.



The goal was to produce a high-quality 3D animated video that demonstrated the usage and benefits of Astra Zeneca’s spirometer. The animation needed to clearly show a human character using the device, including the breath-taking and data measurement processes.



One of the significant challenges was to accurately capture the intricate details and materials of the spirometer for a high-fidelity 3D model. Additionally, animating the realistic actions of a human character using the device added another layer of complexity.


Solution Delivered

Our team at developed a high quality 3D model and animation, ensuring every detail was accurately represented. We delivered a visually compelling 3D animated demonstration that effectively communicated the product’s benefits and usage.


How We Helped

Through our expertise in 3D visualization and animation, we created a demonstration that was both informative and engaging. Our solution was delivered efficiently, on budget, and on time, impressing the client with the quality and attention to detail.

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