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UCD Social Science Video Editing

Explore the world of social sciences with UCD through our compelling motion graphics project. Glue produced an engaging promotional video that highlights the various aspects of UCD’s Social Science course, combining powerful footage with integrated text animations.

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Inspiring Change with UCD Social Science: A 2-Minute Promotional Video

University College Dublin commissioned to produce a promotional video for their Social Science course. The video integrates stock footage with dynamic text animations and graphics to encapsulate the essence and importance of social sciences.

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Technical & Processes Used

  • Video Production: Utilizing stock footage for a high-quality visual narrative.
  • Text Animations: Integrating dynamic text to highlight key aspects of the course.
  • Motion Graphics: Enveloping graphics with footage using tracking and masking techniques.
  • Tracking and Masking: Ensuring seamless integration of graphics within the video footage.
  • Puppet Animation: Adding natural character movements to “cut out” photographs of students.

Table of Contents

Brief Overview

ServiceSeamlessly integrating text animations and graphics with stock footage
SolutionHigh-quality video using advanced tracking, masking, and motion graphics to convey an impactful message

Technical Processes Used

Video Production
Text Animations
Motion Graphics


UCD aimed to produce a visually compelling 2-minute video that promoted their Social Science course. The video needed to integrate various elements of the course, such as Social Sciences, Economics, Philosophy, and more, with impactful text animations and powerful visuals.



The main challenge was to seamlessly integrate text animations and graphics with the moving footage. Ensuring that the graphics fit naturally within scenes, such as smoke and powder enveloping text, required advanced tracking and masking techniques.


Solution Delivered

By leveraging our expertise in motion graphics, tracking, and masking, we delivered a high-quality promotional video that effectively communicated the essence and importance of social sciences. The video featured dynamic text animations and powerful visuals that resonated with the audience.


How We Helped provided a comprehensive solution that met UCD’s objectives. Through advanced animation techniques and seamless integration of graphics, we created a powerful promotional video that showcased the diverse aspects of the Social Science course.

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