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Motion Graphics for Marketing Campaigns

Discover Glue’s expert motion graphics services in Dublin, specialising in dynamic animations for marketing campaigns. Learn how our high-quality motion graphics can enhance your marketing efforts and engage your audience.

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Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns with Dynamic Motion Graphics

Make your marketing campaigns more compelling with our Motion Graphics services. At Glue, we create dynamic animation to convey the illusion of motion, making your campaigns more engaging and visually appealing. Our motion graphics add a captivating visual layer to your marketing efforts, effectively reinforcing your campaign messages.

Whether you’re aiming to enhance brand recall, narrate a story, or captivate your audience, Glue is your go-to partner for professional motion graphics services.

Motion Graphics for Airspan Networks

Airspan Networks required a motion graphics video to illustrate the advantages and applications of their small cells devices. The video aimed to highlight the significant savings and conveniences offered by these innovative products.


Techniques Used:

  • 2D Animation: Creating dynamic and engaging animations.
  • Motion Graphics: Highlighting key features and benefits with graphical elements.
  • Professional Voice Over: Ensuring clear communication of the product’s advantages.

Additional Information

Our expertise in 2D animation and motion graphics allowed us to deliver a visually compelling video that effectively communicated the benefits of Airspan’s products.


Solution Delivered

We produced a motion graphics video that captured the attention of viewers. The video successfully conveyed the significant advantages of Airspan’s small cells devices, including up to 90% savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Client Impact

The video has become a valuable asset for Airspan Networks, aiding in product demonstrations and enhancing their marketing efforts. We have gone on to produce more content for this client.

Pobal’s Seniors Alert Scheme Motion Graphics

Pobal, a state-sponsored organisation in Ireland, needed a motion graphics video to promote the Seniors Alert Scheme (SAS). The video aimed to educate the public, particularly older individuals, about the scheme’s benefits and application process.


Techniques Used:

  • Motion Graphics: Creating visually compelling animations with kinetic text and icons.
  • Simplistic Design: Ensuring the video was easily understandable and engaging.
  • Thoughtful Animation: Balancing informative and visual elements to maintain viewer interest.

Additional Information

Our comprehensive solution met Pobal’s objectives, delivering a high-quality motion graphics video that was well-received by the client and their audience.


Solution Delivered

We utilised advanced motion graphics techniques to create an engaging and effective video. The animation clearly communicated the key points of the Seniors Alert Scheme, making it accessible to the target audience.


Client Impact

The video has helped Pobal effectively promote the Seniors Alert Scheme, reaching a wider audience and enhancing their public education efforts.

ESB’s E-Car Whiteboard Animation

ESB needed a whiteboard animation to educate the public on the benefits and advancements of electric vehicles in Ireland. The animation aimed to convey key statistics and information in an engaging manner.


Techniques Used:

  • Whiteboard Animation: Producing simplistic and engaging animations.
  • 2D Animation: Utilising vector line techniques for smooth illustrations.
  • Professional Voice Over: Narrating to ensure clear communication of key information.

Additional Information

Our meticulous animation and professional voice-over narration ensured that the video was both informative and visually engaging. We were able to recreate the effect of someone drawing on a whiteboard quickly and using shading techniques to make the images stand out.


Solution Delivered

We created an engaging whiteboard animation that effectively conveyed the benefits of electric vehicles. By integrating motion blur and smooth hand movements, we ensured that the animation was visually appealing and effectively communicated the key information.


Client Impact

The high-quality whiteboard animation was well-received by ESB, helping them educate the public on the benefits of electric vehicles and enhancing their outreach efforts.

Ready to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns?

If you’re looking to create compelling motion graphics for your marketing campaigns, contact us today. We specialise in delivering high-quality animations that effectively communicate your message and engage your audience.