Video Production Services

We create digital video content

3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Compositing

GLUE offers versatile artists, utilising the best hardware and software solutions. Our services include pre-visualisation, on-set supervision, compositing, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation:



We Bring Products to Life with 3D Animation

3D animation delivers high standards of alluring visuals, expanding upon the information displayed to promote understanding whilst increasing greater scope for impact.

GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-3D-Modelling-Animation3D Visualisation
GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-3D-Object-Buildings-Design3D Animation
GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-3D-Character-AnimationCharacter Animation

We Make Online Videos Great with Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are distinguishable from still graphics, often with a transforming appearance over time, encompassing footage and/or animation to convey the illusion of motion.

GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-Montage-Lens-FlareMotion Graphics
GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-Charts-GraphicsIntegrated Graphics
GLUE-VFX-Motion-Graphics-Text-PhotoAnimated Video

We Make Statistics Interesting with Compositing

Compositing encompasses the process of assembling filmed or rendered elements to create believable illusions or wondrous visual effects.

Holographic Style
Particle Systems
GLUE-VFX-Visual-Effects-Green-Screen-Studio-ShootOn Location Supervision

We deliver content in HD, 4k or 360° formats.

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