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OTTCO | 3D Visualisation

Project: OTTCO | 3D Visualisation

This video was created to demonstrate oil shipping storage facilities in the middle east that did not exist yet. The project was a demonstration for investors to get a better idea of how the facility would look and how it would run. CAD drawings or more commonly known as blueprints and ground plans were provided to allow GLUE to create exactly how the facility would look when it is constructed.

OTTCO facilitates the uninhibited flow of oil to the world. They have the ambition to reframe global perceptions of Oman’s oil industry, and our relationships with leading government entities will enhance their success. OTTCO is a gateway to Oman’s oil infrastructure and to the Gulf region.

This sequence demonstrates how the oil would flow in through the pipelines of the facility to the relevant oil containers, and then back out. GLUE created this facility using 3D modelling software. In this video, GLUE also demonstrates a breakdown of the rendered “layers” that were composited together to create this 3D modelled sequence. See the entire process of how we created this 3D visualisation over on our blog.