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OTTCO Industrial Scale Oil Facility 3D Modelled

OTTCO Some months ago, we were approached to create a video for an oil shipping and storage facility in The Middle East. A large scale industrial project, the video called for us creating a whole host of our favourite things; graphical elements and near-real rendered impressions of the facility including the pipeline terminal, the ground site,  buildings and surrounding landscape,

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My Bridge programme internship with GLUE

For this week’s blog, I’ve been asked to give an overview about my time on the Bridge programme, through Animation Skillnet, to photo-realistic modelling and everything in-between.  Before GLUE, I studied 3D Visual effects in London with Escape Studios, spending a good part of the beginning of 2015 working on my portfolio and showreel before

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Explosions! Fire & Smoke in VFX

If you ask a group of people for an example of visual effects, some people will say green screen, others will mention monsters, but most will reckon explosions! Fireballs and exploding cars are a guarantee for most films. They can create tragedy and a sense of danger for the viewer. There are a few different options for achieving these effects. Whether

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VFX and Animation Summit Dublin 2015

Has it really been a year already? We’ve been jogging on the spot, hyperventilating, excited as children at Christmas with the thoughts of this year’s VFX and Animation Summit. The cream of the Visual Effects and Animation Industries will be here again to enlighten us with their knowledge, experience and to simply enthrall us with

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Comparing Special Effects and Visual Effects – Physical props and CG elements

Comparing Special Effects and Visual Effects – Physical props and CG elements – how can they help health and safety training. It was our job then to recreate the bar in 3D space, model and sculpt the bar to scale, simulate the correct lighting for the scene, animating and compositing the final shots to create a believable scene.

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